Our Operation

Foos Angus

Our goal at Foos Angus is always to think about how we can help our customers to be more profitable.  If you see the results that you need from our program, we know that you’ll return with confidence. We believe that offering forage developed bulls is a key to profitability and the advantages are endless to you, our customer.

Foos Angus Principles

Maternal Ability – Cows must raise and wean a calf on mother’s milk and grass or they are culled.

Efficient Growth – Efficient not only means pounds of calf weaned, but also inputs needed to produce that calf as well as the time to care for them.

New For 2018 - Coming 2 Year Old Forage Developed Bulls

There has been a lot of changes here at Foos Angus in the past few years.  We have always sold yearling bulls at the bull sale and the cows started calving mid-January.  We have since started calving starting the middle of May through June. From now on we will be selling coming 2 year old forage developed virgin bulls. They have never been fed grain in their life, strictly a forage diet. We are always trying to do things that help our customers be more profitable. A strictly forage developed bull has a long list of benefits to you, the customer.  You’re buying muscle not an overweight fat bull that is lucky if he lasts to 4 years of age because of bad feet or liver problems.  They will cover more cows and you’ll see the bull’s true genetic potential with little to no costly inputs, such as corn or other starch based products.  We are in the business of turning grass into pounds, any other inputs just eats away from ALL of our profitability. Bulls were put on grass on May 13 and came off on Nov. 9th for a 180 day test. The average weight of bulls off of grass was 1291 pounds. They sell with the same Guarantee as yearling bulls.


We feel that this is the most important part of any program. Our cows are expected to breed back in 42 days.


We expect our cows to wean a heavy calf without creep feed.


Our goal has  been to develop a herd that is efficient not only in pounds of calf  weaned, but also in the amount of feed needed to produce that calf, and  the amount of time needed to care for the herd. To us efficiency is a  truly necessary.